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At Primary Marking, we have the solution to a secure, reliable evidence collection system. eTWIST® Evidence Collection: Evidence Tracking with Information Solution Technologies. This patented electronic system ensures chain of custody at the crime scene:
Using eTWIST® at a crime scene saves up to 50 man-hours per week-giving your department more time to focus on other critical investigation tasks.
Strengthen accountability, guaranteeing fair, impartial, and diverse courts at the state and federal levels
Automate Evidence Collection, Increase Conviction Rates and Increase Operational Efficiency, Eliminate the occurrence of errors; bring efficiency of all aspects of the adjudication process, including indigent processes
Patented Software using Barcoding/RFID on Windows, Win Mobile & HTML5 mobile device platforms eliminate hidden inefficiencies & reduce liability
Industry standard digital interfaces, for Camera, MP3, Bio-informational data, input devices
Motorola Platform Validated & AT&T System Certified
Use Geo-Tracking to document, record, photograph, Bar code evidence information in real time
Multiple agents using multiple mobile devices collecting & sharing evidence at the same time, for the same case-REAL TIME DATA SHARING
Mobile and Enterprise software scalable to manage any crime or disaster scene, including NCIC and UCR codes references
Typical ROI of 5 weeks provides agencies 1 more officer for every 10, deployed in the field WITHOUT increasing operational expenses. JAG usage makes eTWIST®, virtually free!
Read about eTWIST® at, GovTech, VSR, KPLR11.
Protect the truth at the scene of the crime.
Contact Primary Marking for more information and a free demo of eTWIST® Evidence Collection.
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Collecting, documenting, and tracking evidence is key to law enforcement and justice. A single error can compromise an otherwise strong case.

Properly documented evidence collection is at the cornerstone of public safety, eTWIST® brings Mobile Evidence Collection to Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) . eTWIST® is a patented chain of custody system which brings precise controls and accountability to the gathering, handling and maintenance of evidence. First Responders who use eTWIST®, increase the awareness that all collectors and custodians of evidence have a responsibility to care for the evidence within their respective roles in the justice system. eTWIST®, "The Mobility Advantage" yielding dramatic increases in data accuracy.

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